In my personal and professional life, I have only been involved in a few organizations consisting of individuals who pull together as one to accomplish a common goal. Stitchin’ For Kids is one of those rare communities – egos and agendas are nonexistent. The result is a philanthropic project that donates 100% of its resources to the intended recipients, children facing extended hospitalization.             Pat

Being able to help children who are facing serious health challenges while doing something I enjoy doing – as well as the compassion and warm leadership of the founder, the excitement of the Child Life Specialists when they receive the gifts for the children and knowing we’ve brought some joy into the lives of children during their difficult time in the hospital.               Lisa

Helping Hands

This project relies on the helping hands of many people and our gifts reflect the spirit of all. Many are sewers and knitters, others are crafters, and there are some happy to spend an hour stuffing toys. All are glad to play a role in the hospital donations. Encouragement and pats on the back are welcome as well.

Volunteering can be done in the comfort of your home or as a group project at a guild or club. We are grateful for the support of several doll clubs as well as quilting and knitting guilds, most of which are close to the hospitals we serve.  The doll clubs recognize that a doll can be an important friend. 

Additionally, a group of knitters on Ravelry have chosen Stitchin' for Kids to do a group project one month a year.  This Ravelry group, whose focus is on Les Cheries dolls, has international participants, and it is wonderful to share that some of the items are created in the United Kingdom, France and Canada.

All of the groups and guilds have very talented and dedicated members and their support is very important to our efforts.

We are also grateful to Dharma Trading Co. in San Rafael, CA and The Cotton Patch in Lafayette, CA for their ongoing support.   The Cotton Patch provides space for monthly workshops for the project. Join us on the first Wednesday of every month.   

Thank you to the following Doll Groups: Love a Doll, Golden Hills Doll Club, Bay Area Alexander Doll Club  and Doll Keepers of California. Fiber Fantasies donated blankets and toys as part of their community service effort.

Needle arts guilds and groups include: Marin Needle Arts Guild, Mt. Tamalpais Quilt Guild,  Marin Knitters Guild, American Sewing Guild (Santa Rosa), Sonoma Blanket/Community Knitters and other groups of individuals who like to gather and share their craft.

From a Ravelry group member: "Our group name is Les Cheries and Friends on Ravelry. We love the Les Cheries doll and dolls of her size and smaller.  We have monthly activities to inspire everyone to create new clothing and more for our dolls.  We knit, crochet and sew.  So come join us." Ravelry is a wonderful online site for finding knitting doll patterns.

I love the project because I can indulge a lifelong love of making things with my hands and it helps children at the same time! Double bang for my buck and so very satisfying and happiness making!          Jeanne

What do volunteers say about the project?

Two of my kids had childhood cancer. Having done a lot of hospital time and loving to sew, knit and create, Stitchin' for Kids is a perfect match for my skills and heart to serve. AND I'm having so much fun!               Mel


The project began in 2009  and the first donation  included 4 Les Cheries dolls and a handmade wardrobe for each.  As the project grew,  word spread among friends, and more volunteers wanted to participate.

The volunteering nature of this  project was recognized with a Jefferson Award.