"Our daughter, who is a long way from home,  is so happy dressing and redressing her new doll, which she has named "Suzie"!  Thanks to all the marvelous women who are making so many little girls smile.  During the long weeks to come, I know Suzie will be her constant companion."

"We were completely overwhelmed and in awe at the gift and all the work that went into it.  We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift that our daughter received.  She named her  Ana after a favorite nurse that she had"

Who receives the gifts?

The patients who receive the gifts are selected by the Child Life Specialists to match the child's needs.

"My daughter has cystic fibrosis. A Child Life Specialist came by today with a beautiful gift for her.  A doll and a bunch of handmade clothes.  Her whole face lit up and she instantly fell in love. Thank you so much for all the work you do for our children.  You are all amazing.  The doll will be loved forever."

What have the parents said?

A note from a young patient -

" Thank you. You made me feel better."

How about stuffed animals?

  • A young boy had received a long fleece snake, which he draped down his shoulders. On every return trip to the hospital, his snake came with him, over his shoulders.
  • After chest surgery, the nurses and doctors wanted the child to cough as part of his recovery. The child was scared, but holding the stuffed animal to his heart, he was comforted and had the courage to give it a try.    

How about quilts and blankets?

  • A young boy and his mother created a game of "I Spy" inspired by the quilt's fabric pieces with images of ball players, pirates, bugs, dinosaurs and cars.
  • Teens love to wrap themselves in a fleece blanket, especially with images appropriate for them such as sports images.

Who are the girls receiving dolls?

  • A ten year old, diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, was facing her third visit to the hospital for treatment sessions.  When she received her new doll and wardrobe, it brought a smile to her face and she was ready to proceed.  She is doing well now.
  • An 8 year old was moving from one hospital to another for additional treatments.  She had received a doll at the first hospital, and thought it was important to bring her doll friend with her, as well as all the doll outfits, when she checked in to the second hospital.
  • A young patient from Hawaii was receiving treatment in California.  She was feeling far from home, but was thrilled when she saw her new doll and all the outfits that were made for her.
  • After finding a baby doll in the play room, a toddler became upset when reminded that toys had to stay in the play room.  She was given her own baby doll to love and care for.
  • After being in the hospital for several days, a patient was depressed and did nothing but watch TV.  After receiving the doll and wardrobe, she reached for the remote, turned off the TV and began talking to hospital staff.