Tote Bag


Ruffle Top Pajamas (Simple to Intermediate)

Patterns and Photo Gallery   

Click on pictures for PDF downloads (may require Adobe software, and printer should be set to print at actual size.). These patterns were created by the volunteers of Stitchin' for Kids. Additional patterns are available at workshops. The website patterns were selected for simplicity and are considered basic patterns that can be enhanced.

Harem Pants and A-Line Top

(Simple to Intermediate)

Simple 2 Tier Skirt


Outfit Planner

Cap sleeve sweater


The Short Skirt (Intermediate)

Basic T Shirt

(Simple to Intermediate)

Effective September 6, 2017, the hours for the
Stitchin' for Kids workshops will be 10:00am to 12:30pm.
Thanks to the generosity of owner Carolie Hensley,

the workshops are held at The Cotton Patch
1025 Brown Avenue, Lafayette, California.

Suspended until further notice due to pandemic.

Casual Jacket


The Crop Top with Variations (Simple to Intermediate)



Drop Waist Dress


Car Carrier

Knitting Standards

Hospital Standards

The Sweater (Intermediate)

Karate Outfit

(Simple to Intermediate)

The Sweater Variation


Square Neck Dress

(Simple to Intermediate)

Hearts for Hearts Sewing Patterns

Patterns are in process of revision for new doll selection in 2022


Boxy Boatneck T-Shirt

(No set-in sleeve)


Snow Hat


The Breezy Shirt  (Intermediate)

*Pattern Piece Updated*

Hearts for Hearts Knitting Patterns

If you are mailing garments for the first time, please send samples to be sure they comply with Hospital Standards.


SFK Crochet Pattern List

Corolle Baby Doll Patterns

Petal Wrap Skirt


SFK Knitting Pattern List

Straight Needle Baby Hat

Waist-tied sweater


Kitty Cat Hat


Pants - Elastic Waist 


Baby Blanket


Sunday Best Dress


Wren Feathers has generously granted SFK permission to post these two resized patterns to fit our Hearts for Hearts doll.  Many other doll patterns are available for free or for purchase on her website and in her Etsy shop.

Toy Patterns

Baby Doll Bib and Diaper

Irish Tam