Gifts are coordinated through the project.

Gifts have a handmade element.

The Stitchin' for Kids gifts are designed to serve boy and girl patients of all ages and varying conditions. The gift can be an important part of the patient's treatment. The gifts are homemade and are filled with love.

Team members organize the hospital donations for April and October deliveries. They are delivered to Child Life Specialists in the hospitals who then are responsible for matching a gift to a child. 

Gifts will comfort and entertain.

Gifts will be clean and free of dust.

Gifts contain new materials,  ie.  no previously used fabrics.

Hospital Requirements

Quilts, knit blankets, and fleece blankets always brighten a child's room and make the child feel more at home.  They provide comfort and warmth, and will bring a smile when made with bright colors. These are gifts that can be made for boys or girls, as well as for all ages, depending on the size and fabric.

Quilts and Blankets

Toddlers become little mothers with their gift of a new Corolle baby doll  (Mon Premier Bebe Bath) with a handmade blanket, hat, bib and diaper.  Since the baby doll is waterproof, the toddler can wash the doll while taking a hospital bath.  

Stuffed  toys are great hospital gifts as they can become cuddly companions.  They are easy to carry around, and they welcome a child back to his/her bed.  The hospital staff encourages a patient after chest surgery to 'hug a heart' - the child holds the toy tightly to his chest and then tries to cough. The child feels more confident holding the toy.  

A new Hearts 4 Hearts doll (14") is given with a wardrobe of 12 handmade outfits including party clothes, play clothes and sleepwear. There may also be special outfits to dress the doll as a ballerina-fairy or for an outing at the beach.  Quilts and sleeping bags are also handmade for the doll. The activity of dressing the doll triggers fun conversations with hospital staff and family members, and provides imaginative play even when the child is alone.  The doll becomes the child's friend always by her side all day and night. 

Dolls for Toddlers


Dolls for Girls 4-12

Stitchin' for Kids Requirements