Stitchin' for Kids - The Doll Project

This outfit was made using the Sweater and Hat with Ruffles knitting pattern, the Pleated Pants variation with ruffles and the Sleeveless Blouse.  
General Information
The Doll Project began in the San Francisco area in 2009 when two grandmothers got together to deliver four dolls to a local children's hospital. Each of the dolls had ten home made outfits to entertain the young recipients who all required extended hospital stays. The project has grown as more grandmothers and their friends have joined the effort. As of year-end 2011, over 150 girls in three hospitals have received the gifts. Knitters and sewers are busy working on creating items for the next delivery in Spring 2012.  

The award winning dolls, Les Cheries, are made by Corolle and are a perfect size for hospital stays.  The patients are 4 to 12 years old. The outfits include jeans, cord pants, sweaters, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, and pajamas and robes.    

Additionally, toddlers receive a baby doll, Tidoo, also by Corolle, with a home made knit hat and flannel blanket for cuddling under their arm.  

In July 2011, the project was awarded the Jefferson Award for volunteering..

Your ideas are welcome as we'd like to help this effort grow. We'd love to provide these dolls to more girls. We also welcome the efforts of those that would like to sew or knit.

Recent News: After a December article in a sewing blog (See How We Sew), we have had interest from others in states outside of California ... even Canada. We'd love to see this grow in other areas. 

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